Lloyd Swan Financial Solutions provide whole of market independent advice on life assurance.

Our life assurance advice service is fully comprehensive. It takes into account your personal circumstances, future plans, any cover you may already have in place and any existing medical conditions. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of the protection market ensures you get the most appropriate life assurance advice.

What is life insurance?
Life assurance is essentially a way of ensuring money passes to your dependents on your death. There are several different options out there from numerous different providers. Some people need a lump sum payment on their death, some need an income, whereas others need both.

To ensure you put in place the most suitable cover for your individual circumstances, it is imperative to take independent financial advice.

Do I need life insurance?
No one thinks they will die early, especially when they feel healthy. Unfortunately, many people only consider taking advice on life assurance after it is too late.
It is always important to have a backup plan in place to ensure your nearest and dearest do not experience financial hardship, if anything happens to you.

Why do I need life assurance advice?
Life assurance can help ensure the financial security of your dependents on your death. This security depends solely on the most appropriate cover being put in place. So to ensure the money you are paying for the cover will provide the security your family need and deserve, it is vital you take expert independent advice on your life assurance options.

Without independent advice on life assurance, you could be wasting money on cover which is not overly suitable for your circumstances.

Lloyd Swan Financial Solutions offer a no obligation review to ensure you have the correct level of life assurance and critical illness cover in place. As whole of market financial advisers we can find the best possible deal for you in the market place. Our in-depth experience also means we can help guide you through the medical underwriting process.

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