Lloyd Swan Financial Solutions offer a no obligation review to ensure you have the correct level of life assurance and critical illness cover for your children in place.

What is childrens critical illness cover?
Child Critical Illness cover is not a standalone product; it is included in the policy of a parent or guardian. If your child has a condition, then the main policyholder (the parent or legal guardian of the child) can make a claim.
The amount for Child Critical Illness cover is typically 25% of the main policy holder’s critical illness cover amount and with a typical maximum of £25,000. In addition some company’s offer a child death benefit of £5000.

Why do I need children’s critical illness?
If your child is diagnosed with a critical illness do you really want to be going to work and leaving them on their own? Could you even function at work during this difficult time? Could you afford not to work?
The concept of children’s critical illness cover is to pay out a lump sum which removes financial concerns, allows the parent to take time off work and focus on your child recovery which after all is more important than anything else.


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